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The Glow Hub Christmas Gift Guide 2020

by Elise Parkes |

The festive season is just about to get in fuuuull swing and we're getting ready by making the only Christmas Gift Guide you'll ever need... a Glow Hub one. With the perfect present for every skin_care lover from your bestie to your boyfriend let's get into it...

The Stocking Filler

Zit Zap Wand

The Zit Zap Wand £6 - who doesn't suffer from an odd break_out now and then? This super_targeted spot treatment was made to give spots a stern talking to! With papaya extract and salycilic acid for targeted exfoliation and tea tree to control spot causing bacteria, at just £6 it was *made for* literally every_one... 


For the Self Care Obsessive

Mix and Mask Skincare Set

Mix & Mask It Skin_Care Set £25 : Nothing says self_care like a face mask (or three...) With a mask for every moment, whether it's that time of the month or stress levels, it’s always time to mix & match (or mix & mask…) 


For Your Boyfriend 

Dive into Clean Skin Set

Dive into Clean Skin Set £20 : whether he's already an avid skin_care obsessive or more a 5in1 shower gel/shampoo/cleanser kinda guy he's going to appreciate this. Time to dive into clean skin with this zit zapping skin_care set with an exfoliator, toning pads and zit zap wand all encased in an ultra_easy net bag with suction cups for the ultimate convenience. 


For The Skin_Care Newbie

Glow Hub 3 Step Sets

Glow Hub's 3 Step Sets (From £27): perfect for the laziest amongst us or the most novice of skin_care users, getting that glow is as easy as ONE TWO THREE with out 3 Step Sets. 
Looking for some calming relief? Discover Calm & Soothe
Need a hit of hydration? Discover Nourish & Hydrate
Want to beat the break_outs? Discover Purify & Brighten 


For the One Who Already Has It All

Team Clean Skincare Set

Team Clean Skin_Care Set £24: For the person who already has all the skin_care they could ever need and more Team Clean is the perfect addition to their already perfect routine. With super cute & always handy skin_care accessories to help them achieve their ultimate glow goals. 


For You...

Glow Hub Gift Sets

Who said gifts have to be for some_one else..? Time to treat the most person out there... * Y O U *  check_out all gifts here 


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