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A guide to skin_care ingredients

by Elise Parkes |

Blending natural actives with gentle science, the ingredients we put into every Glow Hub bottle is more than > pretty important to us. Whether it’s their moisture boosting benefits, zit zapping powers or calm_inducing vitamins each one has been chosen for a super_specific purpose meaning every product works super hard without being harsh.

Want a little more info on the ingredients inside the super_cute Glow Hub bottles… on every product page we give the glow_down on a few of our personal faves but for those of you who are looking for a little more details, keep reading…

Salicylic Acid a gentle ‘chemical’ exfoliator, it’s known for de-clogging pores & helping pesky pimples disappear quicker… 

Tea Tree Oil antibacterial + time tested, help prevent breakouts & ease existing ones 

Walnut Shell Extract- a gentle physical exfoliator to buff away dead skin cells so skin is left fresh + glowing

Grapefruit Extract – packed_full of vitamin C to leave skin beautifully glowing, radiant + transformed!

Blueberry – packed_full of vitamins & antioxidants to naturally calm inflammation + minimise discoloration- keeping you looking fresh & youthful!

Black Tea- loaded_with antioxidants & brimming_with caffeine to invigorate, brighten & protect.

Glycerin – skin fortifying, draw water into the skin to gently soothe + hydrate (glow on then…)

Shea Butter- bursting_with fatty acids & vitamins to soothe + soften (without clogging pores)

Hemp - hydrating, non-comedogenic (it won’t clog your pores), anti-inflammatory & full of vitamins + antioxidants to protect & soothe.

Jojoba- bursting with Vitamins E & A, (+ antioxidants & zinc) soothe irritation & keep skin calm.

Kaolin Clay- extract impurities + absorb excess oil (without causing inflammation or redness.)

Hyaluronic Acid - radiance-boosting it hydrates, smooths + plumps to comfort & refresh.

Vitamin C packed_with antioxidants, it’s skin_protecting + ultra_brightening for that glow, glow, glow…

Peach - full_of vitamin C & vitamin A to hydrate, protect + give you skin that glows 

Coconut Water - Hydrated! Healthy! Glowing! Balanced! Give skin a hit of nourishing hydration.



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