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How to work out your skin type…

by Elise Parkes |

Let’s talk skin types…  dry, oily, combination, breakout prone, sensitive. Working out what type of skin you have can be really tricky and sometimes just totally confusing but identifying your skin type is the best way to understand your skin, what products suit it best and basically just how to make it (and more importantly…keep it) happy!

So where do we start?

There are a few easy to read signs that can help you understand your skins behaviour and determine your skin type so lets run through the main ones:

Lets begin with Oily Skin…makeup sliding off your face? Bit of a glisten to your skin by the time you get to midday? These tell-tale factors along with regular breakouts and large, visible pores are signs your skin is of the oily variety. A really common skin type (and not one just seen in teenagers!) oily skin is caused by the over production of sebum causing excess to be left on the skin.

(Although it’s worth noting, if your pores small or barely visible but you’re still getting shiny or greasy skin then it may be your products that are the problem instead!)

Combination skin types can be hard to judge, normal or slightly dry skin on your cheeks but oily and the occasional breakout on your forehead or chin? You might be totally clueless as to whats going on but if your pores are more visible in the dreaded T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin) and your shininess is in that area too then its very likely you have combination skin.

Skin like the Sahara? Patches of dry or flaky skin? If your complexion is feeling tight or flaky, (and is made worse during the winter or a hot shower) then its likely you have Dry Skin in need of hydration hydration hydration!

Sensitive skin can be tricky to manage, key signs are skin becoming pink and flushed when it comes into contact with a new product, hot water or environmental stressors. If your skin is prone to sporadic redness then it’s a sign skin is of the sensitive variety and it just needs a little more TLC!

Skin that’s well behaved? Not oily or dry or prone to flakiness? Then you're one of the lucky few who’s skin type is described as Normal- but it doesn’t mean that your skin can be doesn’t need any love! Address your skin concerns as opposed to type- for example if your skin is sometimes dull then go for products that are total glow-givers!

Then of course, not forgetting, acne-prone skin- often the skin type that requires the most attention. If you’re suffering persistent breakouts we’d always advise seeing your GP or a professional dermatologist who can get to the root of what is really causing it.

Our skin is super complex and we always want to make sure we’re getting the most out of our skincare routine, so determining your skin type helps to narrow down which products you should be using and in turn, means your skin responds better to the products that are catered to it.

To get to know your skin better why not take our Skin Quiz (it won’t take more than five minutes we promise!) answer a few questions and find out EXACTLY what your skin needs!

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