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What order should I apply my skincare products?

by Elise Parkes |

Is there a correct order to apply your skincare products?

Surely if the products I put on my skin are all wonderful and amazing it doesn’t really matter if I put my serum on last or my toner on firsT? 

Weelll… it turns out the order of application is pretty important in making sure you’re getting the maximum benefits out of all the products. Basically, you want to make sure that the ingredients you’re so carefully applying (& paying for) actually do penetrate the skins barrier to receive the full benefits-  which if you apply your skincare incorrectly won’t happen, meaning you might not see the results you really want.

 To make things simple, here’s the order you should apply your skincare products to get the maximum benefits…

Your Skincare Routine

We’ve got the low_down below…  

  1. WHAT: Cleanser
    Daily, AM & PM
    : A MUST for both morning and evening. Pillows can accumulate dead skin cells, oil and body sweat, that can actually then rub off onto your face…. Make sure to refresh skin & remove impurities with a morning cleanse, using a clean flannel to really remove that dirt. Oh, and don’t forget to regularly change your pillowcase. Your evening cleanse is going to remove your makeup, pollution, dirt, grime and SPF so not only is cleansing the first step in your routine it’s also one of *the* most important.
  1. WHAT: Mask or Exfoliator
    : One for the PM only, the next step isn’t something you should be doing daily.
    WHY: We’d recommend exfoliating once a week and masking 1-2 times per week , depending on how skin is feeling. If it’s a little dry try a hydrating mask, breakouts- something with salicylic acid and so on…

  2. WHAT: Toner
    WHEN: Daily AM & PM
    WHY: Skin softening and hydrating, a toner makes sure any dirt, grime or makeup you’ve missed from your cleanser is fully gone whilst perfectly prepping your skin for everything that follows. Use a toner based on your skins need, it makes sure the rest of your routine works extra hard. 

  3. WHAT: Serum 
    : Daily AM & PM
    WHY: This is where you really want to target your specific skincare concerns. Make sure you choose something that addresses your specific needs whether that’s dryness, irritation or breakouts, or a mix of all three, you can use a different one in the morning than the evening, or layer them together before bed.

  4. WHAT: Moisturiser
    WHEN: Daily AM & PM
    WHY: A skin_care must_have – your moisturiser. Whether your skin is sahara desert dry or more than > a little bit on the oily side, it’s important to reach for your moisturiser to help balance skin and give it the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, calm and balanced.

  5. WHAT: SPF
    Daily in the AM
    WHY: SPF is a morning must_have, especially if you’ve been applying things like the salycilic acid from our Purify & Brighten range. Protect skin from the sun (even when it’s cloudy) and help keep you looking young.



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