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Ways to save your skin during lockdown 2.0

by Elise Parkes |

Yep. It's official. The UK is in ANOTHER lockdown and we're not particulaaarly pleased about it. Bigger things aside, a new lockdown has got us looking at our skin a whole lot closer. Lock_down life getting the best of you & your skin? Here are our top 5 things to do to save your skin whilst stuck at home…  

(lessons learnt from the first time round)


1. Mist. Mist. Mist. 

Calm & Sooth Serum Mist

The underrated WFH (or study from home) hero? The Serum Mist. Keep one nearby at all times, bedside, desk, bathroom shelfie and use liberally for regular bursts of necessary hydration & a mental pick_me up whenever you need it. Out fave right now? The Calm & Soothe Serum Mist chills skin & mind with the *perfect* blend of Hemp + Jojoba. 


 2. Get Personal + Re_fresh Your Shelfie

The Glow Hub Range

Lockdown’s no time to neglect your skin... and being at home all day long might mean your skin type has completely changed. Brighten your day AND your face by taking the Glow Hub Skincare Quiz to find out what *YOUR* skin’s been missing.


 3. Missing that moisture.

Glow Hub Moisturisers

At home with the central heating cranked all the way up?  The key to happy skin – whatever the conditions – moisture. From our light lotion for break_out prone skin (Purify & Brighten), the Calm & Soothe Cool Whip for some cooling relief or a drench of hydrating peach & coconut Nourish & Hydrate Gel Moisturiser, let skin drink up…

4. You Time Vs School or Work time…

Glow Hub Serums

Whether you’re working from home, home schooling or spending days stuck in doing life admin, make sure to have time for Getting Stuff Done & time to chill out. Whether it’s sticking on a Face Mask Stick or sticking to a 6 step skin_care routine, skin_care = *YOU* time.


5. Time for some home schooling
Want to do some studying (the fun) skin_care kind? Keep on reading The Hub... 


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