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What is maskne + how to treat it

by Elise Parkes |

Let’s start with an understatement…  2020 has *not* gone as expected. Even if we leave all the bigger things aside for now and focus on what we know best (yep that’ll be skincare) there’s still a whole lot to tackle. A new one being… maskne.

Now for most of us wearing of a face mask or covering in public places is mandatory. And that means one main thing for your skin- irritation, redness and break_outs. So, as we protect ourselves and each other from COVID-19, you’ve got to make sure to take care of what’s under the mask too… your skin. Here’s our top tips on how to prevent and treat maskne…

What is maskne?  

In short - it’s the term given to acne and breakouts which are caused by wearing a mask.

Experiencing a whole load more breakouts, a little more irritation and a tad more redness since wearing face masks has been mandatory…? You’re not alone. Usually showing up where your mask touches your face (the chin, nose and mouth), that’s maskne.

What causes maskne?

So, what actually causes maskne? Well, acne usually develops when pores get clogged by oil, dead skin cells, makeup, dirt, or bacteria. So, when you’re frequently wearing a face mask, the constant, no-air seal pressure from the mask, the friction, the heat & the sweat all trapped under a mask can clog pores and cause irritation leading to breakouts.

How to Prevent Maskne

Starting with the mask itself…

  • Wash your mask – if you are using reusable face masks you really need to make sure to wash it after every use to help prevent the build up of bacteria.
  • Face mask size–look to buy one that covers your nose and mouth without being too tight or loose to avoid irritating friction.
  • Mask material– if you can, choose reusable masks made of soft material like silk or cotton to be gentle on the skin.

Next up on the agenda for preventing maskne… skin_care…


Yeahhh so this one might actually come as a surprise to you since a lot us don’t personally associate breakouts with dryness but if your skin is dehydrated, it can actually lead to an inflammatory response, which can then trigger more oil production + less cell turnover = more breakouts. When our masks are on, a moist, hot environment is created, making an ideal environment for bacteria and break_outs.

Although drinking water is great, make sure to hydrate your skin externally too. We’ve been loving our Calm and Soothe Cool Whip Moisturiser to keep that hydration high with an added hit of soothing hemp and jojoba.

Double Cleanse 

It’s now even more important than ever to properly cleanse your face… in fact we’d even say double cleansing is *even better* especially in the evening. For those of you this is new to, double cleansing is basically cleansing twice. Starting with one to remove your make_up and then following up with a second one to thoroughly clean the skin.

For tackling maskne we recommend starting with an oil_based cleanser (we alternative between our Calm & Soothe Gel to Oil Cleanser and the Nourish & Hydrate Cleansing Balm)  to gently cleanse whilst working to soften, soothe and hydrate. Then following with a water-based one (our Purify & Brighten Jelly Cleanser) for an extra dose of brightening and detoxifying goodness.  


Knowing how to prevent maskne is a good start, but some_times there’s just nothing you can do about it. So… for those times when a mask induced breakout is just unavoidable, how do you actually treat maskne?

Well, when it comes to skincare for maskne we’re pretty well prepared…

Purify & Brighten Face Mask Stick
For a pamper session and some targeted tackling, this kaolin clay mask draws out impurities as salicylic acid and white willow bark exfoliate, de-clog pores and detoxify.

Purify & Brighten Toning Pads
These toning pads are Team Glow’s new glow-to. On the go and feel like a break_out is just brewing? Grab one of these salycilic infused pads to renew and resurface the skin, helping to beat those breakouts before they arrive.

Purify & Brighten Super Serum
Skin_brightening and detoxifying, this daily serum has salycilic acid and black tea to exfoliate, brighten and help lessen the appearance of breakouts.  

Zit Zap Wand
*made for* those moments you need to Zit Zap & say sayonara! This super_targeted zit stick has been made to give spots a stern talking to, leaving skin glowing & breakouts going…

With papaya extract + salicylic acid for targeted exfoliation & hyaluronic acid to help brighten dull marks.  There’s also added+ tea tree oil to help control spot-causing bacteria, helping to improve the appearance of breakouts & prevent more from appearing.

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