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You are More Than Your Skin, Talking Skin Positivity

by Elise Parkes |

Breakouts, redness, scarring, pores, pigmentation ... all these things are *completely normal* but when a ‘problem’ arises with our skin it can have a massive impact on our confidence and self esteem too. Breaking down the image of *perfect* skin in society is looong overdue (spoiler… no-one actually has it…) You’re more than just your skin and there’s definitely more than one way to glow…

When it comes to your skin, it can feel like everyone has an opinion.  We’re told to stop eating chocolate, to wash our faces more. Questions arise- Have you tried drinking more water? Have you avoided dairy? Are you *sure* you take your makeup off properly? It’s unsolicited advice that you more than likely juuust don’t want and honestly, don’t need…  But having something right. on. your. face that you don’t really like can really effect your confidence. From keeping the camera off on zoom calls, to spending aalll your money on skincare you’re not even sure is right for you. Sometimes even simply putting in the work to look after acne or other skin concerns can feel overwhelming, both mentally and financially.  We’re all in agreement, it can be pretty tough. So, what can you do about it?
Honestly, becoming confident in your skin is definitely a journey, and we’re all at different stages. It’s about not only loving your skin when it looks a certain way, but through every stage. From clear, to not so clear… every day is different and that’s okay.  Starting off small can help. Jumping on facetime fresh faced. Sharing a selfie even when your skin is having a flareup. Sounds intimidating? Maybe just start by talking about it. To your best friend, on tik tok, wherever you most feel comfortable, it’s a step towards de-stigmatising imperfect skin, and shifting the conversation towards something positive. Having acne, scarring, pigmentation, pores, texture - whatever it is, it is normal and as a community we’re slowly coming together to talk about skin in a more positive way. By joining those conversations it can help you think of your own skin more positively and with pride.
When it comes to skin confidence, social media can play a huge part, good and bad. To get rid of the bad, start by unfollowing anyone that makes you feel worse when you see their posts. An influencer who seems to have *the* perfect life, face, skin. Social media is often all about sharing the highlights, and it can be super unrealistic.  If following someone actually makes you feel worse. It’s time for them to go….
Dontspotthatspot But can social media be a good influence? Well, yeah it can. From Insta to Tik Tok the rise of skin positive, or skin realistic, community is growing. Not just about showing skin on it’s best day, threads about drinking more water, or pushing product -  a bare-faced skin accepting community is growing, and it might be one you want to be a part of. From @peterdevito ‘s artistic take on real skin to @helenarosecope sharing shots of what normal skin looks like (you guessed it, not perfect 24/7) and @dontpopthatspot sharing her own, and other people’s acne journeys, with a lot of great information specifically for black skin. Hashtags like #acnepositivity #skinpositivity mean that at the touch of a button, there’s a community of like-minded people that unapologetically showcase their skin, however it looks. Sharing knowledge and offering support, reminding you that your skin doesn’t define you. Looking for a skin positivity boost and feeling of community? This might be the place for you.
Peter DeVito  However, sometimes the emotional toll of acne and other skin conditions can have a significant effect on your self esteem, and it can’t simply be fixed by a skin positivity movement alone. If you don’t have that support at home and need someone to talk to, we’d recommend young minds, offering free mental health resources and urgent support for those that need it.
So, will you be joining the skin positive movement? Do you find the way your skin looks has an impact on your life? We want to talk all things skin & confidence.  Join us @glowhubbeauty or send us an email to , we’d love to talk.

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