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5 skin_care mistakes you didn’t know you were making…

by Elise Parkes |

Skin care. If you’re any_thing like us, it’s something you talk, think (dream about) & use *A LOT*… But what if you’re putting in all that hard work (+ money) and not really reaping the benefits? You’d want to know, right? So… here it is, 5 skincare mistakes you didn’t know you were making…

Not changing your pillowcase often enough.

How often you choose to wash your bedding, that’s up to you… but did you ever think about your pillowcase? Made to rest your head on, it actually has a whole lot more contact with your face than anything else.  Sleeping on a dirty pillowcase has been known to trigger breakouts, acne or rosacea, especially in people who are already prone to it. We say flip your pillowcase after two nights so your skin then lays on the clean side, then throw it in the wash and switch to a fresh one.

Hot. Hot. Hot.

We love a good hot shower as much as the rest of you. But if you’re going to use that scorch your skin kinda heat for your face, that’s when you might be causing some issues. Too hot water dries out your skin, making it prone to irritation and redness. Instead use lightly warm water instead, and finish with a cold-water rinse to help tighten the appearance of pores and give yourself a cooling pick_me up.

Working out with makeup on

Although lock down life means we’re not going to the gym as much, you might be squeezing in a home work_out on your lunch break. That may be amazing for your body & mind but it’s not so good for your skin…  If you are still wearing makeup in the day sweating underneath it is going to cause breakouts, not really because your pores open when you're sweating but because that makeup is going to get pushed into your pores whenever you wipe that sweat off your face. We say take off the makeup pre-workout but if you can’t you *must* wash your face with a cleanser + follow it up with toner to keep breakouts at bay afterwards. Still got a break_out? Zit Zap it.

Not Cleansing Along Your Hairline or Down your Neck

We’re guilty of this one. Blending your bronzer into your hairline and down your neck for a seamless blend but then not wanting to get our hair wet when it comes to cleansing… But if you don't cleanse in those areas, that makeup is still sitting on your skin aaaall night long. Do a thorough job and get all in there with your fave Glow Hub Cleanser.

Overusing Scrubs and Exfoliators

Dry skin? Exfoliate. Breakouts? Exfoliate? Wanna stay for_ever young? Exfoliate. It seems like the solution to aalll your problems but… exfoliating too much is gonna do more harm than good. Over rubbing and scrubbing can cause irritation, damage your moisture barrier and aggravate acne. We LOVE our Pore Polish Exfoliator with it’s perfect combination teeny tiny pieces of walnut for a physical scrub and salycilic acid for a chemical one, do a deep dive without the damage and use a light hand 1-2 times per week *only.*


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